About the farm


In the 1990’s, a community garden was started for people with various disabilities to participate and learn in. As the garden grew, more people began volunteering and eventually a heated greenhouse was built which began a year-round horticultural therapy program. This program continues today and the garden has become a productive certified organic farm with seven acres of fields, a heated green house, and eight hoop houses for year round production.

The farm is now owned and operated by Community Based Interventions (CBI). CBI runs a vocational training and rehabilitation program on the farm site. Monday through Friday, people who have suffered Traumatic Brain Injuries help grow fresh &  healthy produce for CSA members, area restaurants, grocery stores, and a local farmer’s market.

Our Mission

For the broader community:

Community Based Interventions is a nonprofit organization providing needed assistance for community members who’ve sustained a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) or are living with some other cognitive issue.

This is an important and needed service to the entire community as it gives appropriately designed spaces and assistance to those struggling with cognitive impairments. Goal – faithfully tend to the needs of our clients in low-impact (don’t suck away too much money & energy from the rest of society) ways while still seeking ways to have impaired community members engage, interact, & bring their gifts to share with the broader community so that the society will not be poorer without us. We are not a silo, we are a place which has been given resources to care for people as needed so that clients may positively engage the rest of society.

For our “Clientele”:

This is, of course, also an important service to the individuals themselves who are struggling cognitively! Giving Tree Farm is a space designed to engage clients in vocational activities throughout the week. It serves as a place where clients can come and function as an employee within a workplace structure suited to their needs. Jobs are individualized according to clients capacities and ranges from basic therapeutic activities to complex work-tasks.

For our Employees:

We value our employees not only as a functional unit, but as partners within a growing mental health organization. Just as our clients have needs, so do our employees, and we seek to address those needs. Employees are considered a part of our team, and we seek to foster a relational, team dynamic as we faithfully work towards all our goals.

For our Land:

We believe the land, and all the creatures within it are a gift that ought to be cultivated & cared for well. Therefore, we seek to manage & inhabit this space in ways that are good for this & surrounding lands.