With recent changes in management on the farm, we’ve decided to change how we distribute our CSA. Traditionally, our CSA has been a bag filled with fresh produce and picked up by the consumer either at the farm or at the farmer’s market. However, a new process will be taking place. Don’t worry, you’ll still be receiving the same organic, delicious, fresh produce.

This year, we will be offering a “market-style” CSA. A market-style CSA refers to the process of picking and packing your own produce rather than the farmer. We will harvest, wash, and display and label the produce, and the CSA member will grab their bag and fill it with the produce they desire. Think of this system like a farmer’s market, but directly at the farm. The benefit of this system is that you, the CSA member, will be able to customize your own bag. Although we will have a set list of items you’re entitled to take, you are free to choose the size, color, and variety to take home. For example: if you cannot have tomatoes with high acidity, you are welcome to take tomatoes with low acidity like a Valencia.

For even more flexibility, at each distribution we will have a “take one, leave one” bin so you can swap items with other members.

Distributions will take place on Fridays at the farm starting at 1 PM. We will be available until 5 on most distribution days to answer any questions about your produce and to show you what’s happening on the farm.