Meet your Farmer

CBI’s Giving Tree Farm is lucky to have a small number of kind, hard-working, and knowledgeable farmers.


MAtthew Romans

Matthew is the Farm Manager and our faithful leader. In 2014, he completed his education at the Organic Farmer Training Program through Michigan State University. Matthew became the manager of Giving Tree Farm in 2017 and has been a catalyst for change in our farming systems. He brings a fresh perspective and pushes towards sustainable productivity and land stewardship. He is tall.


Luke cole

Luke is the Assistant Farm Manager and a pillar of stoic wisdom. He finished his Permaculture Design Certification in 2014 and has been farming organically since 2015. He is passionate about using conscious design practices and perennial food crops to create a farm with long term sustainability and yield.


Kiel darling

Kiel became interested in learning to grow his own food as a way to exist in a hypothetical post apocalyptic scenario. During this pursuit, he has had some incredible farming experiences. Kiel is now proud to be at Giving Tree Farm as a part of the farm team and Client Engagement Leader. He now feels ready for an apocalypse.


leah strain

Leah is a wonder of beauty and grows the most nutritious vegetables in all the land. Soon after she graduated from Michigan State University, Leah joined the Giving Tree Farm team as an Administrative Assistant and has become an invaluable asset that cannot be replaced.


Myra Briggs

Myra has been part of the Giving Tree Farm staff for 12 years. She spends her days in her beautiful flower garden and throughout the farm making sure that all the plants are happy.